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Jun 1, 2007
FYI (hope this is deemed appropriate and in the right forum); this past September I acquired the trademarks for Amazing Stories (print & electronic publications).

I am in the process of attempting to resurrect the magazine in ways both recognizable and familiar and with some new twists (in the presentation arena, not the form of contents). I am in the process of applying for a patent for the delivery system (sounds more complicated than it is).

I've gathered together four former editors (Barry Malzberg, Joe Wrzos - who edited under the name of Joe Ross) Patrick L Price and Ted White, as well as an author who was a "house writer" for Amazing who now goes by the name of Bob Silverberg into an Editorial Advisory Board, and have been adding various experts in disparate fields to a production advisory panel. That list includes film critic Daniel M. Kimmel, author Michael A Burstein, fan/editor Gary Farber, author Jack Clemons, marketers/bloggers/publishers Matt Staggs & John Ottinger and numerous others.

They are assisting me in formulating a business plan for potential investors.

In the meantime, I am operating a blog as a place-holder for the magazine at and have named the current effort 'The Amazing Stories Project', which anyone is welcome to join and follow. (The more subscribers the project has, the easier it will be to get investors on board.)

The basic plan? Bring Amazing Stories back as a sustainable, professional market for genre fiction.

There is a monthly newsletter (just started) for site subscribers and content includes progress reports, interesting developments in the SF/F/H world and:

interviews with the members of the advisory board;
a round table discussion with 14 of the authors who comprise the Book View Cafe publishing project (covers everything from "what is your definition of SF" to "how do authors sustain themselves in the coming e-book/self-pub world?) and

I'm currently giving away a signed copy of Daniel M. Kimmel's Hugo eligible book of SF film essays - Jar Jar Binks Must Die - in a contest like thing.

Please stop on by. Your presence will help bring the magazine back.

Mods: I've tried to make this as "non-commercial" as possible; there are no paid subscriptions or any other compensation-requested items on the Amazing Stories site; folks don't even have to sign up to gain access. I hope this post is within the bounds of the rules.


Oct 23, 2008
I don't know about the appropriateness one way or the other, but I wanted to wish you luck (especially to the point of a print edition). Amazing is definitely a name to conjure with (though it's unfortunately not revived well for a long time) and anything that can inject life into the magazine market is to be commended. I don't know who these Malzberg, White and Silverberg characters are but hopefully they'll manage to help out somehow. ;)

(You should post more - I came across this - great post.)

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