Frank Miller's Daredevil - Born Again

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Frank Miller's writing of Daredevil in Born Again I thought was fantastic, but find this graphic novel seems very underated, or else not high enough on the radar.

It has a gripping cast of characters, plenty of action, and yet manages to stay grounded in being a human story driven by realistic personal tensions.

Really good - anyone else read it?
It was the comic that really turned me on to his writing. I agree it is really underrated, it is an epic story, well told, that introduces major changes for the character, some of which are done so subtly that even today writers seem to tread daintily around them so they don't ruin what Miller did.

It is a story that just screams to be made into a movie - but then you need back story for it to work as well as it does.

If choosing my all time top ten story arcs/graphic novels it would be definitely in there.
After Miller's recent meltdown, I've no desire to read anything written by him. Some things writers should keep to themselves...
Batman: Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil: Born Again I think show Miller at his peak. Not surprising that they are both early works from the 1980's.

In the early 1990's I read Hard Boiled and found it irrelevant and gratuitous, and Give Me Liberty, which was fairly standard comic fare.

The films Sin City and 300 I found to be homo-erotic machoistic crap.
Most superhero comics readers have read Born Again unless they hate street level heroes like DD. Born Again cant be underrated at all! It has been voted several time as the alltime best story in Marvel history. Its up there in comics world with Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One, classic Amazing Spiderman.

Its only non-comics fans who think Watchman, Dark Knight Returns is the only classic superhero stories.

Frank Miller is ignorant hack today writing about all muslims being terrorist crap but he was a great and is comics legend. I still enjoy his Batman,Daredevil,Sin City comics.

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