Favourite old games.

It was probably a few years later when my brothers and I started killing our joysticks with Summer Games on the C64, I also remember Hyper Olympics/ Track and Field for the arcade and all the tricks people had for it, seeing older kids scrapping coins across the buttons, karate chopping them :)

I had some friends over the other night and galaga, double dragon, golden axe and metal slug all got a bit of a bash on the mame cabinet, great games.

I never had an atari but pit fall, wizard of wor and HERO were favourites when playing at a friends house. I also had never played Adventure until a few years ago when I was reading about old rpgs and I still had a bit of fun getting my coloured square about the castle nearly 30 years later.
A bit of trivia for Adventure for Atari, it was the first video game with a purposed easter egg. An invisible dot found in the black castle allowed your 'colored square' to pass through a wall near the yellow castle to see the creator of the game's name.
Arcade Games: Dragon's Lair, Asteroids, Missle Command, Tron, Berzerk, Gunfight, Space Invaders, Tempest, Defender, Space Gun, Mortal Kombat, Battle Zone, Donkey Kong, Shark Attack, Elevators, Xenophobe, Beer Tapper, Burger Time, Spy Hunter, Wizard of Wor and GORF

Some of my favorites. :D
D-Generation was another favourite of mine (despite the fact that it also used to do my head in):)

Another called Gravity on the Atari ST. Can't remember it all but it had to do with flying through space using gravity wells. I remember I like it though.
Worms Armageddon, the first Diablo, I still play Age of Empires 2 with my cousins/brothers sometimes, and many others.

Good thread!
Mule and Starflight on the old Atari.
Technically no, but it was when it migrated to their platform-the PS1-that the changes started that I disliked. Coincidence, I know, but I still stubbornly make that connection. :D

Actually, I would have much preferred that Final Fantasy stay in the same genre style as I or II, rather than the cyberpunk of XIII or even the steampunk/semi-cyberpunk of VII and VIII. (VIII didn't really have any steampunk aspects to it, true, but VII did and that was, with the possible exceptions of XII and XIII, my least favorite FF.)

Interestingly enough, there were 4 main FF games on the PSX, two of which were actually great (VIII is for me still rather strange...good game, shitty characters would sum it up for me, except for Zell, the guy rocked). And I will challenge ANYONE to tell me what exactly they hate about IX and was done better in Nintendo's hayday.

Plus, hadn't Nintendo screwed the pooch with Sony, the FF games would still be on Nintendo's consoles, only on Sony developed equipment. :D However you dice it, Nintendo's to blame (I kid, I kid, but it is something to think about).
My favorite old game is Arkanoid.I always playing this time to my free time.
My favorite old games Arkonoid.I spend my free time to playing this game.I have completed its all rounds.It is very interesting game.
My Favorite OLD games are:-

-Half-Life 2
-SimCity 2000
-Call of Duty
Back in the Amiga days:

The Secret of Monkey Island
Frontier: Elite II
UFO: Enemy Unknown
It Came From the Desert
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Championship Manager
constructor on psone,
command and conquer, especially retalliation,
robocop 3 on amiga 600,
alex the kid on master system, (built in.),
elite and stunt car racer on c64,
rock and roll racing on the megadrive,
robocop vs terminator on megadrive,
magic land dizzy on c64,
hexen on the saturn,
doom on every platform,
freedom fighters on ps2 or xbox,
x2 the threat on pc,
and finally, pang on c64 cartridge.
oh, yeah, green beret on the amstrad cpc 464.

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