4.09: Lancelot Du Lac

Off topic, but:Have you seen the Gordon Ramsay spoof ad for his Christmas Show when he tells the boy he is late and hands him a potato peeler? The boy drops the present and there is the sound of broken glass.

Yes! And now I watch it with mixed emotions, not knowing whether I'm gonna be sad or whether I'll be 'aha, it's only Gordon!' :D

On topic, I agree with all of the rest of your post.
I'll second the view that its best to view this as names and themes from the Arthurian legends only and not in any way an attempt to retell the story - its a total re-writing and whilst I fully sympathies with fans of the original tales for hating retellings, I feel that this has been so much a break from them from the start that if you're still watching 4 series in then its too late to complain ;)

As for this episode was I the only one to think that Gewn needs to update her wardrobe? Future queen and she was still wearing such similar garb that she stood out of place more so than she should have. I'm not expecting her in queens garb, but something a little more upmarket than her servents garb once in a while would have helped.

Otherwise something in the writing of this weeks episode felt, rush or at least speedy. I felt like if I blinked I'd have missed it, which might account for them fitting a fair bit into the episode all at once; but still a bit hasty. Otherwise generally good, though I do wonder about Gyas a bit (ok ok I can't spell his name) it seems that each time magic appears he tells Merlin, but never quite wants to tell Arthur. He never reveals the secrete about the amulet when his father died by it and here we see him again knowing about the necromancy and again not revealing any details - not even the smallest hint.

Granted he's not got to appear to magical knowing, but he's withholding more info and it does no one any help = not merlin nor Arthur and it feels a little like a plot gap (a bit like how each time they fight Morganna and she ends up with a bump on her head but nothing more).
I wasn't complaining about the divergence from the original so much as pointing out that replacing human emotions as a driving force with magic makes the story (whether faithful to or wildly different from the original) much less dramatic. I think. But OK, it's a kids' show.
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