The good Ray Bradbury stories

Regarding The Sound of Thunder, the ending of Stephen King’s, 11.22.63 reminded me of the end of this short story. Specifically, the political aspects of what the protagonists had returned to after changing history.
Since the original idea of this thread was to compile a list of the Ray Bradbury stories they like the most, here's mine, originally posted on the Ray Bradbury Message Board a few years ago. I made the list exactly 50 stories long, but I would add a few more if I were to do it over today. (Especially "The Wind" and "The Crowd".)

R Is for Rocket (Famous Fantastic Mysteries, December 1943)

The Lake (Weird Tales, May 1944)

The Jar (Weird Tales, November 1944)

The Big Black and White Game (American Mercury, August 1945)

The Million-Year Picnic (Planet Stories, Summer 1946)

Frost and Fire (Planet Stories, Fall 1946)

Homecoming (Mademoiselle, October 1946)

The Small Assassin (Dime Mystery, November 1946)

The Man Upstairs (Harper's, March 1947)

Jack-in-the-Box (Dark Carnival (Arkham House, 10 May 1947))

The Next in Line (Dark Carnival (Arkham House, 10 May 1947))

Uncle Einar (Dark Carnival (Arkham House, 10 May 1947))

I See You Never (New Yorker, 8 November 1947)

The October Game (Weird Tales, March 1948)

The Earth Men (Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1948)

Mars Is Heaven! (Planet Stories, Fall 1948)

The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl (Detective Book, Winter 1948)

Kaleidoscope (Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1949)

There Will Come Soft Rains (Collier's, 6 May 1950)

The Fox and the Forest (Collier's, 13 May 1950)

The Long Rain (Planet Stories, Summer 1950)

The Whole Town's Sleeping (McCall's, September 1950)

The Veldt (Saturday Evening Post, 23 September 1950)

The Fireman (Galaxy, February 1951)

The Fire Balloons (Illustrated Man, The (Doubleday, 23 February 1951))

The Pumpernickel (Collier's, 19 May 1951)

The Fog Horn (Saturday Evening Post, 23 June 1951)

The Pedestrian (Reporter, 7 August 1951)

The April Witch (Saturday Evening Post, 5 April 1952)

A Sound of Thunder (Collier's, 28 June 1952)

The Great Wide World Over There (Maclean's (Canada), 15 August 1952)

The Golden Apples of the Sun (Golden Apples of the Sun, The (Doubleday, 19 March 1953))

And the Rock Cried Out (Manhunt, September 1953)

The Dwarf (Fantastic, January-February 1954)

Interval in Sunlight (Esquire, March 1954)

All Summer in a Day (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 1954)

The Swan (Cosmopolitan, September 1954)

The Picasso Summer (Playboy, January 1957)

The Leave-Taking (Saturday Evening Post, 25 May 1957)

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (Saturday Evening Post, 4 October 1958)

The Shoreline at Sunset (Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 1959)

Long After Midnight (Eros, Winter 1962)

The Anthem Sprinters (Playboy, June 1963)

I Sing the Body Electric! (McCall's, August 1969)

Henry the Ninth (Fantasy & Science Fiction, October 1969)

The Burning Man (Gente (Argentina), 31 July 1975)

The Better Part of Wisdom (Harper's Weekly, 6 September 1976)

Gotcha! (Redbook, August 1978)

The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair (Playboy, December 1987)

That Old Dog Lying in the Dust (Driving Blind (Avon, September 1997) )
Keeping it very short as if I wanted to hook a younger reader in to Bradbury

"The Silver Locusts" (The Martian Chronicles in the US )
"Dandelion Wine"

"The Veldt"
"The Scythe"
"The Long Rain"

And one that doesn't get much attention, "Powerhouse"

And of course I shed a tear every time I watch this
My favorites:

"Frost and Fire"
"All Summer in a Day"
"The Long Rain"

From Martian Chronicles:
"The Third Expedition"

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