4.08: Miracle Day - End of the Road


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Jan 5, 2001
Way on Down South, London Town
Taken to confront Angelo as the stock market begins to collapse following the failure of the pension scheme, Jack is shaken to learn that his former lover has actually lived his way to the present through relatively natural means, having aged normally all this time. His granddaughter reveals that the Miracle was caused by the three families of the men who 'bought' Jack in 1927 using samples of Jack's blood and 'the Blessing' that they discovered in 1998. Although the CIA attempt to take control, matters become complicated when Angelo dies—the first true death since the Miracle began—revealing that his bed is over a device generating a null field. With Gwen having been deported, Jack and Esther are forced to flee with a vital component of the field after Jack is shot. Rex and Esther's colleague Charlotte is also revealed to be a mole for the Families.

I felt it was a bit of an info dump, but we needed one to tie everything together and make sense. John De Lancie is good in this.

(And Jack takes the "alpha plate" of the Null Field in his pocket.)

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