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Perpetual Man

Tim James
Jun 13, 2006
This is a response to something that came up in another thread:

There are plenty of writers, both aspiring and professional that proliferate the Chronicles, and an awful lot of them have had books published, either by the big publishers or by various methods of self-publishing available.

It would be nice if everyone who had something published (in any shape of form) listed in the same thread - this one - with links to websites, shop pages etc.

That way not only can we see what everyone else has done, and everything else that goes with it.

Hope that makes sense...
Perp, I've moved the thread over to Publishing rather than GWD as it's more appropriate there.

And please everyone note, this thread is for ESTABLISHED MEMBERS to use.

Anyone who posts about his work who is not an ESTABLISHED MEMBER will have the post removed and may be subject to further penalties. If you have to ask whether or not you are established, chances are you aren't, so don't risk it.

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Ooh... Thanks, Perp! Ok then.

Everything I've ever been published in or had published (short stories, poems etc.) is listed here: Credits

Reviews here: Reviews

So my books I self-published with Lulu. It's a fantasy trilogy for young adults with strong female characters.

Book one is The Kingdom of Malinas available from store and Amazon and various other places.

Imagine a world where the fate of a kingdom lies with a sixteen year old girl... Sorrel is a typical teenager: feisty, determined and occasionally grumpy. At first her concerns are a dislike of school and a desire for more excitement in life: but when most of her people are taken away by the Lamya, she will need all she has learned and get more excitement than she could have ever imagined. She must free them from a life of slavery in the Kingdom of Malinas: the land the Lamya took from her ancestors. The leader of the Lamya is the evil Corrinus: his minions and bodyguards will make it very difficult for Sorrel to rescue her people. She does have some help however, in the form of her older brother Leif, best friend Little Cloud and the mysterious boy Gaeshi who may be a key figure in the fight for the Kingdom of Malinas. Their quest will be filled with danger, but they must try.

Book two is The Empress Graves available from my store and Amazon again.

Two years have passed since the battle for the Kingdom of Malinas, Sorrel has left the Vale to train as a warrior while her best friend Cloud learns to become a seer. Meanwhile, the Empress Graves has taken an empire of Grey Men and is travelling across Aldenland to wreak havoc. She seeks power and knows she can find it at the Kingdom of Malinas. Can Sorrel stop her and save the Kingdom? Or will she succumb to the darkness that lurks inside herself...

Book three is The Barbarians' Key. Coming soon!

And I have Casting Shadows which is an anthology of poetry and short stories by me, Jo Robertson and Joleen Kuyper. Which you can get from: here

Feel free to ask me about anything. ;)
I've had a few novels published, so here goes…

Memory Seed, Orbit, 1996

amazon: "… a must for anyone interested in new and original modern science fiction."


Glass, Orbit, 1997

SFX: Guy Haley's best novel, 1997


Flowercrash, Cosmos/Wildside, 2001

Infinity Plus: "… very satisfying reading."


Muezzinland, Cosmos/wildside, 2002

Gwyneth Jones: "… the full immersion experience of neo-magic…"


Hallucinating, Wildside, 2004

Vector: "… an intriguing book with a novel take on the alien invasion theme that raises a number of questions about what we actually mean by alien."

Urbis Morpheos, PS Publishing, 2010

"… let the whole thing wash over you like the obtuse gift it is…"


Forthcoming: ebooks of Muezzinland and Hallucinating

Short stories published by SF Spectrum, Wildside, Eibonvale Press, NewCon, and Solaris forthcoming.


Here's my blog:

You can check me out on Infinity Plus and many other websites...
(Are we allowed to comment here? Too late...)

Perp, I knew you had those short stories, but I didn't know you'd published them! Will have to download. (I know I've still got something of yours to read, and I am reading it, promise!)

Stephen, are yours all sci-fi?
(Are we allowed to comment here? Too late...)

Perp, I knew you had those short stories, but I didn't know you'd published them! Will have to download. (I know I've still got something of yours to read, and I am reading it, promise!)

There's no rush to read anything Mouse! (I warn you now though, back in them there days when I was writing 'short' stories, my idea of what consisted short was probably different to other peoples. :D


Money permitting I'd really like to buy at least one book by each author on the Chrons, so I was hoping that there would be a few more entries on the thread by now (of course bank holiday weekend and all that might be keeping things slow.)
my current output is available by links from
this means, right now, the first two installments of the Empire Dance, and a singular short story from a few years back.

the first Empire Dance is also available via itunes!
i feel duty bound to point out that my story in Pantechnicon is only one of several in that issue by fellow Chronites. All well worth the read!
I've started looking up the authors I know, and am prepared to start adding their out put to the thread. Obviously this is a lot easier with the writers I know about, so please start adding, especially the self published types!

So far we have a grand total of four.

1. Mouse
2. Stephen Palmer
3. Perpetual Man
4. Chopper

Just like to add that I have bought at least one book by each of these authors simply because they are on Chrons, and I would love to do the same for anyone who posts their output in this thread.*

I'll even review them, definitely on GoodReads and possibly Amazon (if the books are sold there) and as anyone who takes part in the 75 word challenge will no, I'm never nasty and always try and find something positive to say.**

* Might not be able to afford to do it straight away, but eventually....
** Actually buying the book does not mean I will read it immediately. We might be talking weeks. Okay months, possibly years ;)
Teresa Edgerton

The Queen's Necklace (2001)

The Green Lion Trilogy
Child of Saturn (1989)
The Moon in Hiding (1989)
The Work of the Sun (1990)

The Celydonn Trilogy
The Castle of the Silver Wheel (1993)
The Grail and The Ring (1994)
The Moon and the Thorn (1995)

The Goblin Moon Duology
Goblin Moon (1991)
The Gnomes Engine (1991)

Short Stories

Weird Tales from Shakespeare
Enchanted Forests
The Shimmering Door
Tarot Fantastic
Highwaymen, Robbers and Rogues
Assassin Fantastic
Murder by Magic

Writing as Madeline Howard

The Rune of Unmaking

The Hidden Stars
A Dark Sacrifice​
Ian Whates

The Noise Within
The Noise Revealed

City of Hope and Despair
City of Dreams and Nightmare

Short Stories
The Mammoth Book of Alternate Fiction​
Mark Robson

The Imperial Series

Imperial Spy
Imperial Assassin
Imperial Traitor

Dragon Orb Series

The Forging of the Sword
Trail of the Huntress
First Sword
The Chosen One

The Devil's Triangle​
Thaddeus White
Bane of Souls (just released today on Smashwords, I'll be doing a thread about it shortly)

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