Looking for a book - please help


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Aug 24, 2011

About 7 or so years ago, I read a book and now can't remember the title or author but have been thinking a lot about it recently because Admiral adama in battlestar reminds me of one of the characters!

One of the characters is an assassin - I think he has a scarred face which could be part of how his race looks but there aren't many of him around so he wears a hood think. I think he's quite small and he has a big fella who he hangs round with.

There is also a girl in it who is some sort of healer I think who sings, but she only sings the truth. She ends up being tricked into singing about someones death and sort of makes it true with her singing, but it was part of a plan by the 'dead guy' so he could become a dragon.

I'm not sure on some of the details, but I'd really appreciate it if this sounds like anything you've read if you could let me know.


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