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Noosrunner pro
Jul 9, 2007
This is something I always like to look up when I've been reading Exodus and now having read Aurora (Zenith has less cool future stuff in it). I thought it'd be fun to repost some of the old tech links I posted years ago and follow it up. But first I've always been curious how close we are to having the technology to create the cyperwizz and the weave.

Handheld computers and mobiles phones have really come along way since Exodus came out (2002) and the function of something that looks like the cyberwizz, small globe to fit the size of your hand, breaks in two with a stylus controlled keyboard is completely do-able.

I still think we'd struggle with the software and bandwidth required to run the Weave in a portable device but that really depends on how the graphics would work. Simple would work better IMO. Back when I first thought of recreating the Weave I thought it would work well in the style of an old text-adventure, you could navigate and interact with the weave (and other users) on one side of the screen whilst it loaded the webpage like we see them now on the other half. Its an idea I still like as a lover of the written word, the Weave could be painted in our imagination before our eyes by the descriptions of the website owners and the graphics would never be overshadowed.

One bit of the Cyberwizz that for years has seemed like a purely sci-fi idea is the halo. There were virtual reality goggles that were a disaster in the mid-nineties but Sony are working on this: http://www.gizmag.com/sony-prototype-3d-headset/17506/# so maybe there's hope for that yet.

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