Have got a lot of love for Futurama - I remember watching it religiously on Sky One in the UK when it first aired over here. The original four seasons barely have any dud episodes - the hit rate is a bit lower from the straight-to-DVD movies onwards, but there are enough good episodes as it develops to justify having brought it back.

If they have enough good ideas and the willingness is there, maybe it'd be good to have it back again for a few seasons in future. If it comes down to it I'd rather it be left to rest ad infinitum rather than run itself into the ground like The Simpsons or Family Guy - particularly the former, as I've recently seen some older episodes again and been reminded of just how good it could be when it was at its height!
I enjoyed the show, but was especially happy about the episodes that featured plots or just elements that seemed similar to those in MIGHTY ATOM.
It was a wonderful show, should have run longer then it did.
I think my favorite episode of Futurama, and the one I am least able to watch is Jurassic Bark.
From Wikipedia
"According to the DVD commentary, the last part of the episode where Seymour is waiting outside on the sidewalk was originally set to "Gayane's Adagio" from Aram Khachaturian's Gayane ballet suite, famously used in the sequence introducing the Discovery spacecraft in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but was replaced with the song "I Will Wait for You" from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg as sung by Connie Francis, which writer Eric Kaplan's grandparents sang and played on the piano while he was a child."
Cannot listen to that song after seeing that episode.
I like this series far better then the Simpsons. :D
Yup, the ending of Jurassic Bark - can't watch it again
Yup, the ending of Jurassic Bark - can't watch it again

A very cruel and unfunny episode. He saw 15 years and thought the dog had a full life, since he had no way of knowing what really happen to the dog . It wasn't his fault. If Fry had known , he would have brought him back.
I'll admit my main motivation for buying the sets is to get my paws on the commentaries, as an aspiring voice over artist the information is invaluable! As a fan, the proof they had as much if not more fun creating the episodes as I do watching them is priceless.
I think the early episodes were good because (and this applies equally to The Simpsons) those early swathes explored and developed all the characters. When there's nothing more to say about Homer or Bart, or Fry or Bender, there's no more to say. The enviro/space "epic" of Futurama was a perfect example of a lack of anything to say.
I'll agree that there were times when it felt like they were artificially extending the sexual tension between Fry and Lela, giving them an on again off again whenever the ensemble started to feel stale. I would have like to have seen more about the root of the antagonism between Zoidberg and Hermes, my best guess is that it stems from a basic personality difference, Hermes relying on order and disgusted with Zoidberg's incompetence, Zoidberg as clueless socially as he is medically...

While the later seasons do explore the rest of the cast more, it's more backstory than anything that changes the basic cast.

I don't think they got stale... But then I think they were starting to close in on their self imposed wall.

I think it's a season two episode where fry saves the earth from the omacroniens and at the end he says "the secret to great television is that no matter what happens during the episode, by the end, everything is back the way it was."
I think that's true for a lot of tv shows.
I'm enjoying season 11 on Hulu.
They got off to a hilarious start -- lampooning shows that will not die and those who decide to resurrect them.


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