(Probably Found) late 80s or early 90s sci-fi book about mystery of disappearing candy


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Jun 20, 2011
IM looking for a book i read in the alry 90s about a proffessor and 2 kids who solve a mystery of disappearing candy that leads them to another dimension.

The eventually find the chocolates and the professor tells the boy to take only one, later he realises that everytime he takes a bite the chocolate grows back on.
I've looked at online synopsis of The Energy Pirate and it absolutely matches all the question criteria from the OP.

Well done @A nonny mouse and welcome to Chronicles
I must admit I only found out after talking to my brother about it. My search for the book brought me here and it was a relief I hadn't just imagined it! I asked him if he knew - we had the audiobook cassette tape as children (shows our age!) Unbeknown to me, he had been trying to remember as well and his search was more fruitful.