Very minor spoilers for Aurora... what did you all think?

Jun 14, 2011
So I've just finished Aurora, and I think Julie has been holding out on us because Aurora seemed to me to be a transitory book... very good, but part of a series. Fess up Julie, this isn't a trilogy at all, is it? How long is the series going to be?
Loved Aurora by the way. Heart wrenching a bit over the latest developments with Mara and Fox... though I won't say any more in case others haven't had a chance to read yet.
What did everyone else think of Aurora? Was it what you expected? Do any other readers think that there must be more books coming?


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Jun 23, 2011
I agree, another excellent book but i was disappointed with the ending, if that is the actual end. I think there should've been a few extra chapters to really finish off the heart rendering fox/mara story. After all that's what most of the fans have been waiting for, so although the writing and plot was brilliant i think that it ended kind of weakly. I know some people will say some things are better left unsaid but when you've been waiting years for a story to be told i feel it should be told in full and i just didn't get that from the ending of Aurora. Finished it feeling kind of empty and still unsure on fox and mara. Of course if she is planning a 4th book detailing the coming war that Dol mentioned (which really unless she makes it really long will probably turn into a 5th) then the ending to Aurora was great, or if you like things left to the imagination then i suppose the ending was fitting.


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Jul 9, 2007
Just finished reading Aurora (I didn't take me that long, I like to absorb my books, but I was in the middle of a series and then I had to re-read Zenith) so I can come back to the forum without fear of spoilers. Back to my old weave haunt.

I'm ok with Julie leaving it open, I know she's said before she prefers to end stories that way. So I'd be happy for her not to go into all the details of the coming war. There are a few things I'd like to have known though if Aurora was indeed the last we'll see from the series. Maybe just a chapter when Mara and Fox meet and she has to choose which man she wants but leaves it open as to what she chooses.

I'd also have liked an epilogue that shows a certain someone to be still alive as I'm convinced they are, but maybe that was withheld just so people such as myself have to keep that belief inside themselves.

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