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Looking for scifi films of the late 70's-80's about aliens

Discussion in 'General Film Discussion' started by hybridscifi, Jun 12, 2011.


    hybridscifi New Member

    Jun 12, 2011
    For the purpose of research, I am looking for scifi films where aliens are seemingly portrayed/imaged as African tribal people. I know that there has been some, yet my research has not brought me to too many. Does anyone have an idea of a fiction film of that sort? It could also be films that deal with the NASA space shuttles that were launched in the late 70's or films that have to do with the colonization of space.
    Would be happy to get any suggestion that you may have. Thanks in advance. Sarah

    Dave Wherever I Am, I'm There Staff Member

    Jan 5, 2001
    Way on Down South, London Town
    I moved your post the General Films Discussions.

    I don't know of any scifi films where aliens were portrayed as African tribal people. The original series of Star Trek had an third season episode The Paradise Symdrome when Kirk loses his memory and lives among native North Americans.

    Often the cliché of an alien warrior race is based upon native Earth races, the Japanese Samurai being the most obvious influence.

    The space shuttle appeared in many films, among them:

    Hanger 18
    The Astronaut's Wife
    Space Cowboys
    Airplane II: The sequel
    The Dark Side of the Moon
    Space Camp

    Also the TV series Buck Rogers in the 21st Century and Odyssey 5

    And the colonisation of space is a given in any film involving spaceships really.

    Use the search function on the IMDb website and searching "plots" and then "space shuttle" or "colonisation of space".

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