Software-dominated economy, human-nanotech upgrades, written recently (2000's)


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Jun 11, 2011
EDIT: It is Infoquake by David Louis Edelman... I found it by searching for SF books with "Info" in the title at amazon.

I think the word "info" was in the title. Initially it is about an upstart programming team that are trying to reach the super-star programming level. Then it's about fragmented society - some groups that aren't part of the technocracy. The society is dominated by software writers. Everyone's bodies have nano-tech devices inside them to enhance everything from night vision to giving them internal internet access. I remember one of the throw-away programs written was something to change one's eye colour to purple.

And they used some sort of rods which they would manipulate to write software.

I remember it being quite a good book, especially in the build-up, and I was hoping to read another book by the same author. I just can't remember who that is or the book name!
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