Best COMPLETE collection of Dick's short stories?


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Jun 7, 2011
Hello all. I'm a budding PKD fan, thus far having read Ubik, The Three Stigmata..., and, most recently, Flow My Tears. I'm on to The Man in the High Castle next.

However, I'd like to be able to read some of his short stories between or during novels, and it would be nice to have all of them, so that I can take my pick when the urge to read one comes over me.

The only publications I've seen that appear complete are the five-volume Citadel collection (parts of which appear to be out of print) and the Voyager volumes (not sure how many there are or if they actually contain all of his stories).

If anyone has any recommendations as to where to get these (new, preferably), or which publisher's books to buy, let me know! Right now I'm leaning toward Citadel, because at least two of the volumes can be purchased new from Amazon.
It might be worth checking out this thread in which a similar question was raised.

In partcicularly, it might be of interest to you that Subteranean Press are (in the process of) reprinting the five volume collection of his short stories, including some stories that were missed out of the Citadel editions.
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Unfortunately, none of the collections are complete. The most complete (story-wise) will be the Subterranean Press edition, but even there a few stories will be missing. On the other hand, the Subpress edition is missing material (preface, introduction, publication information) this is present in the earlier editions.

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