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SF writing guide

I'm looking for a good guide book to writing sci fi.
Or even any good creative writing guides out there.
I've read and enjoyed 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Creative Writing'. by Laurie Rozakis.
Something Sci Fi based would be great if available but I am open to options.

This isn't a science fiction or fantasy book. this is a book about character creation. specifically, how fifty of the most successful crime writers went about creating and developing their characters for their successful books. It tells you what they did to distinguish their books from everything else in the pile. how they incorporated personal experience. even on how to gamble. this lets you see the process of creation and reflection thereof, as it were.

anyways, this link has a picture of the book so you have an idea of what i am talking about.

?????: The Lineup: The World`s Greatest Crime Writers Tell the Inside Story of Their Greatest Detectives
Storyteller by Kate Wilheim is very good, partly a history of the Clarion Writers Workshop and partly a 'how to' Manuel, with lots of useful advice and writing exercises.

Damon Knight's Creating Short Fiction is also extremely good and contains many sage words from a master of the short form.

Fiction Mechanics by Barry Longyear is an excellent look at the nuts and bolts of fiction.
Hooked by Les Edgerton is a book devoted to the opening 'hook' of your story. It concentrates on the first line and doesn't go beyond the first page or two of your story. It gives pretty good advice with examples of what doesn't work and why not. He has a very good sense of humor as well that I found enjoyable.
The Art of War for Writers - James Scott Bell.

As a lifelong devotee of Sun Tzu's masterpiece, thank you for this. Just ordered it.

To date, I have only found one book to be of use.

Dorothea Brande - Becoming a Writer

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