Apr 6, 2011
Wow, I read Exodus a couple of years ago, and my sister and I were just talking about the book, and how we liked the writing style. We especially loved the line in Exodus where it went along the lines of, "she picked up the phone to dial 911 but she was screaming into a line that was dead for centuries" *shiver* omg best line in a book ever! Any ways, I was searching for the net to see what happened to the book, because I forgot a bit, then i found out that there it was a trilogy :eek:. So, i kept googling and I found this website, the coolest thing is that you can talk to the author of the book. Well..I just wanted you to know that I think its pretty fantastic that you, Julie Bertanga, are actually listening to your fans and readers. And to let you know that you've got ALOT of fans up here in Canada :).

Can't wait to pick up the trilogy :)


Noosrunner pro
Jul 9, 2007
Hehe, yes I like that bit too. Though I prefer the British version before they changed it to 911. Doesn't really make sense a Scottish girl dialing the American emergency number.

I'm sure Julie will be around sometime soon. With the book release we're all exited about and all. :D