Who else has finished The Crippled God? - Probable Spoilers

Finally finished it about 3am last night... and subsequently slept through my alarm this morning and was late for work, but boy was it worth it! I always knew that it was never going to wrap up all the loose ends - not unless it was twice as long - but overall I thought it was a fitting end to arguably the most epic fantasy series ever.

This series is unlike anything I've ever read in terms of scale, complexity, emotional impact, depth, and entertainment value. The conclusions to half these books left me in ruins. He's just about the only author whose work I'll buy without a second thought. I just need to add more space for books so I can buy the rest of his stuff, because my Erikson collection is all paper, and I don't want to mix in e-books. Maybe I can throw out some clothes...
Esslemont's Path to Ascendancy series tells the tale of Kellanved and Dancer' s rise to power and the creation of the Malazan Empire. Two books in at moment, a lot of familiar faces are turning up and we are discovering more of their background. Maybe Quick Ben's story will feature in a later book.