SG-U: 2.11 - Deliverance


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Jun 26, 2002
Having escaped containment and sent a signal to the aliens that abducted her, Chloe buys the Destiny time as the arriving alien ships draw the drones’ attack. Realizing the drones receive their orders from their Command Ship, Rush and Eli succeed in blocking its signal, allowing the Destiny to slip by the drones and destroy it.

While Volker and Brody work to repair Destiny’s damaged shields, restoring the integrity that will allow them to jump to FTL, the Ursini in the seed ship inadvertently reveal Destiny’s position to another wave of Drones.

The sole surviving alien ship, unable to retreat, asks the Destiny to help fight off the incoming wave of drones. Rush suggests the Aliens agree to heal Chloe in exchange for their protection. While Scott shuttles Chloe to the alien ship a new Command Ship drops out of hyperspace and Destiny once again comes under heavy attack. But this time, Rush and Eli have a plan.

Quite a start to the last half of the season. I really enjoyed it, which is a shame since we know there aren't many episodes left before The End.

Three words spring instantly to mind to characterise the themes in this episode - conflict, partnership and sacrifice.
The conflict that Destiny is drawn into between the Ursini and the drones created a necessary partnership, the conflict between the aliens that abducted Chloe and Destiny was halted by the mutual need to survive the drone attacks, thus forming an uneasy partnership.
The Ursini sacrificed themselves to buy the Destiny some time, although that seemed to come from nowhere. Suddenly they realise that they're the last of their kind and suddenly they feel guilty for dragging Destiny into the battle and go off on a suicide run. It just felt a little false.
Rush, Young and the others were willing to sacrifice Chloe in order to placate the aliens from the other galaxy and keep the truce. The needs of the many and all that.

It would be easier in summation if they gave the 'aliens from the other galaxy who abducted Chloe' a name of some kind.

I liked that they managed to solve the problem of the second Drone Command Ship by using and sacrificing the first set of Drones. That way, the problem is solved, but they don't have a catch-all for solving any further alien battles; they don't have a small fleet of robo-ships at their disposal.


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May 31, 2001
Still waiting to find out when it's available in the UK.
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