Knights of Dark Renown: Last four words.


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Nov 10, 2007
Sutton, Surrey
Truth be told, TKoDR was actually recommended to me by my year 10 English teacher after I'd just stood in front of the class to explain why The Lord Of The Rings was my favourite book. I'd not heard of Gemmell before that...


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Apr 18, 2022
I just re-read KoDR and at the end of the Epilogue, after spending exactly 400 pages with some of David Gemmells greatest characters.
Those four words that made me feel cold and empty inside...
"They did not return."
...Possibilities for a second book? or just one of the greatest endings ever written. Sadly we will never know if it was a cliff hanger for a next book.
I met DG, many years ago at a book signing in Portsmouth. Don't recall the book shop.

I asked him about the end of KoDR. I was desperate for a follow up book. I asked him what did Elodan and Mannanan achieve and what was their fate. He said...

...that when he writes an ending like that he means they died.

I was too crushed to ask any more questions, and wandered off with the friends who had accompanied me, in a bit of a daze.

Nevertheless, I came to the belief that it could only have ended that way.

Cheers, Padster

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