X Men First Class

X-Men: First Class was a disappointment for me. It had no style, no flow of story. It was not emotion-based.
I enjoyed this a lot.

This was better than The Days of Future Past, for me.
Personally I think this is still my favourite of the X-Men films - just a shame it botches up the timeline a bit in retrospect! At the time I'd assumed it was supposed to be a reboot rather than a prequel, and am still convinced that this was supposed the case - hence things like the cameos of '60s era Cyclops and Storm in the Cerebro sequence. However, with Days of Future Past presenting First Class as a prequel and folding it into the same timeline as X-Men 1-3 it does mean there are a few continuity glitches in retrospect. That's probably more of a fault of Days of Future Past than First Class itself, though!

It's definitely got my favourite soundtrack of all the X-Men films, too - some wonderful themes, especially the training montage theme and Magneto's theme tune. Although I enjoyed Days of Future Past, I do wish its composer had teamed up with the composer from First Class - imagine that film with the future-set sequences scored in the style of X-Men 1-3 and the past scored in the style of First Class! Could have been a little jarring, but done right it would have been absolutely awesome in my opinion.

I do feel it's a shame that the next film skipped so much time after this one, too - particularly as some of the team established in this film didn't return for the sequel. I'd have loved a Cold-War era movie between them with the whole First Class-era crew vs. Omega Red! Alas, it was not to be. = (
Really enjoyable film. I liked seeing Professor X and Magneto when they were younger. I had a hard time catching any inconsistencies with the previous films as it's been ages since I saw the other X-Men films...
I meant to add that Days of Future Past, while good enough, was not as good as First Class. Professor X was paralyzed at the end of First Class, and I thought it was inconsistent that he could walk again in Days of Future Past, no matter how they supposedly made it possible. I guess I just didn't like the plot as much as First Class.
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