Is Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy complete?


Jan 19, 2011
After tiring of all the never-ending volume-after-volume works-in-progress-out there, I'm looking for a short, COMPLETED fantasy series to read. Does Abercrombie's first series of 3 books fall into this category? If it does I'll be picking it up soon! I've heard a lot of good things about it. I put off picking it up today in case it turned out to be like Bakker's 'trilogy' - only part of a larger tale.
I've not read them, but I think it is a completed trilogy, yes. With a couple (?) of standalone books set in the same world.
My personal fav is The Rigante series by David Gemmell, 4 books, and completed.

1) The Sword in The Storm
2) Midnigt Falcon
3) Ravenheart
4) Stormrider

The first two are are set about 500 years in the past then the last two, so you can really read the first two and then leave it if you want.

Edit: oops didn't see this thread was in Abercrombie's thread

Yes his is a good series of books, I recommend them aswell.
The First Law series is complete. Gritty and brutal at times, Well worth a read.

Best Served Cold is a stand a lone set in same world.

Heros, I haven't checked yet but was due for release in Jan.

Think a trip to Waterstones is due this afternoon, would help shorten the days till the 21st when I can get my hands on Erikson's Crippled God.

You may also like James Barclay's,Raven books: Chronicles of the Raven and Legends of Raven. Both complete, although he doesn't seem to be very popular here, I liked them.
I recommend The First Law trilogy.

Heros, I haven't checked yet but was due for release in Jan.

Think a trip to Waterstones is due this afternoon....
I was in Waterstone's on Thursday and saw that they were selling The Heroes hardback** at half price (£7.49 instead of £14.99), which saved me having to wait for the paperback to come out.

(In truth, I was overtaken by sales fever; I want to read Best Served Cold first so I could have waited. :eek:)

** - The book includes a bonus short story, Yesterday, Near a Village Called Barden.
I bought mine from Amazon for £6.74! having now checked its gone up to £7.49, so glad I bought when I did.

Its a good quality HB too, only the first chapter in but looking good so far!
Thanks guys, I'll definitely be picking up that trilogy soon. Yay. And I like the idea of stand-alones in the same world.

@Nixie - I'm with you, counting down the days to the Crippled God.
Wheel of Time finishes this year too, right? Two major finales in
one year - great! Soon I'll just be waiting on GRRM...

@Menion - I think I saw those Gemmel books at a friend's place. Might be time for a visit :D
I had another trip to Waterstones today,The guy behind counter remembered me. We got talking about Abercrombies signing in Leeds today. I mentioned the flaw in my copy of Heroes, he called through to the Leeds store as a colleague was getting him a signed copy. I'm taking mine back tomorrow as he has arranged to get me a signed copy even though I'm a third of the way through mine its getting swapped.:)

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