[Dresden] Winter Knight - 2012

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Jun 6, 2001
Announced at MarsCon 2011 - book 14 will be titled 'Winter Knight' and will release in 2012.

Granted, it's possible the title may change, but since it sounds like it could be a parallel to Summer Knight, I'm guessing not.

We'll have to wait and see. =)
Interesting choice of title, and it's already got me wondering what state Harry will be in at the end of Ghost Story. There are quite a few things that were hinted at and mentioned in the previous books, connected to the Winter realm, so I wonder if we'll get some answers on that front. Looking forward to it!
Jim should be able to put out the stories faster now that Codex Alera has wrapped up.

Does Dresden still owe Mab one or two favors?
One, but since he's accepted the role of winter knight he's kinda locked into it now.

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