Is there any chance of a charmed episode ever again?

Hmmm...if there would be another set of episodes of Charmed, the chances are, it wouldn't be the same cast because they have advanced in age.
But they're still pretty much st their peak but when it comes to the story, they might not fit anymore just like Alyssa for Phoebe. She's a fun-loving woman and Alyssa has grown to be way mature in thinking. Yes, I know she's an actress but it still would be different.


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Well, folks, your wish is being granted. They've announced a new Charmed reboot at Comic-Con 2018. New cast though. And the characters' names all begin with "M" instead of "P". And lots of other changes.
They're doing a reboot of Buffy too.
These things happen in threes. Maybe there's another series being rebooted as well. Perhaps one with less of a focus on pinupfodder. Otherwise, my money's on Xena.
When I heard that both Buffy and Charmed were being rebooted, my immediate thought was to wonder how long it would be until they rebooted Xena. It's like they are turning the clock back twenty years (or maybe we are stuck in a weird time loop).

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