3.13 The Coming of Arthur Pt 2

Yeah I liked that bit, made me laugh! Also, when Elian calls to Gwaine 'you're not dead are you?'
Sounds good to me! I'm gonna go see if it's available to buy yet...
Ah yeah, I saw that. But the complete set is out in January so I'll just wait until then!
Yeah but I have the other two boxsets, I need the third one so it looks good on my shelf! :D
Nah, it has to be done! My Merlin series two DVD isn't even out of the plastic wrapping!
Ahh what of the cup indeed?

But as a substantial part of the traditional Arthurian Legend being the quest for the Holy Grail, surely it has to be lost for them to go looking for it?
Ah, so Merlin will have some cup and sorcery on his plate in the next series, will he?

Sounds like he'll have to take some bold action. ;):)

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