Moorcock does Doctor Who!


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Dec 8, 2007
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I came across this when scanning thru the latest copy of SFX. He has sold his soul to the devil and done a Dr Who novel! Can't be for money-he must be loaded! Or has he done novellisations in the past?
Never read a Doctor Who book in 40 years, but they were all written by Terrance Dicks back then. I'd like to see Moorcock write an actual episode though. Something along the lines of 'Behold The Man'. I don't see it as selling his soul really.
I liked Dr Who when I was a kid and Tom Baker was in it, with creaky sets and bad aliens. You knew where you were back then. Nowadays it tries to be a drama show-takes itself far too seriously! And the new doctor, well!
Since Cornelius is in this book too, I'm so very curious about this story. I'll have to get my hands on it soon.
Indeed! I was very intrigued. It's about the Multiverse too. Sounds like a good read if your a fan of Moorcock and Doctor Who.

Which is lucky for me.
Now, that sounds delightfully like the sort of mishmash Moorcock pulls off so well in his own work.....
Anyone read these? My brother-in-law is a huge Dr Who fan and happens to have a Moorcock written Dr Who, but has not yet read it. While over in Spain this last week I took a look at the book, and found that it featured the Arrow of Law as a prize in some contest, and a Captain Cornelius too - definite multiverse elements. With the Time Center being a feature of the Cornelius books, it's not a crazy stretch to see Moorcock writing a Dr Who and doing a good job of it.

Dr Who should indeed have a good dose of humour, and Moorcock has been good at that in the Cornelius books and the Dancers at the end of Time series, so I can certainly see how this would work. There's also something decidedly British about the good Doctor (beyond the low budget it had to work with, I mean) so again I can see how he would make a good author for such a book.

Myself, I've only read one or two Dr Who books, despite being a fan of the series, but I could be interested in reading these, if someone has ventured into these intriguing waters before me and can say if the waters are warm, welcoming and free of sharks!
I'm a big fan of Moorcook's books have over 70 of them some duplicated in paperback, I had never read a Dr.Who one but it was Cornelius in it and and loosely tied with the 2nd Ether that persuaded me to get it but I downloaded the unabridged version as it was on offer.

It was Ok just, glad I did not buy the hardback as I was tempted to but there again the narrator was passable which may have coloured my judgement but only slightly.
Doesn't sound bad. An author could test their skills writing for different properties. It's an expansive experience as a writer.

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