Joe at BristolCon


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Jun 2, 2006
I forgot he had his own section here now!

Anyway, I saw Joe on Saturday at BristolCon. Already posted in that thread, but here tis again:

So the con was yesterday! Lots of panels and talks and whatnot, but not all that many people there... which meant that everybody was off watching the talks and not wandering around the dealers room. So I abandoned my table and went and watched Joe Abercrombie.

Very funny, very handsome man! I tried to remember some of what he said for the JA fans...

He never submitted to a publisher, just tried agents. Got seven rejections before he was accepted. He's obsessed with word count, he said, and edits as he goes so he writes a sentence, deletes it, write all the numbers down of what he's added and what he's taken away! He said he's trying to write without editing so that he can get everything down and then go back at the end and do all the editing stuff as it's much more efficient.

He also said he'll go through an edit a character at a time, so that the character's voice is consistent.

As well as that, he said his favourite SFF authors were George RR Martin, Tolkien, Le Guin, and Moorcock.

He also said that he wants his next book to be a fantasy western!
I'm sorry I missed your post, Mouse. :eek:

Joe wants to do what? A Western Fantasy :eek:
That's a very interesting method of editing.

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