SG-U: 2.06 - Trial and Error


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Jun 26, 2002
Col. Young is plagued by a recurring vision wherein Destiny is attacked and destroyed by the same aliens who abducted Dr. Rush and Chloe. Believing it to be a prophetic warning, he orders the science team to focus on restoring the ship’s weapon systems and places the crew on high alert.

Dr. Rush visits Chloe in isolation, hoping she might look over some calculations he’s been working on - but Chloe is more concerned with the alien influence that has begun to affect not just her mind but her body as well.

Eventually, Col. Young goes to Wray and admits his fear that he may be losing his mind. But when Destiny drops out of FTL and remains adrift, Rush and Eli suspect that the Colonel’s strange visions may be the key to getting the ship back on course.

An interesting episode that I think showed that Rush isn't the only one being subversive. The ship itself is up to something, and I think that the fact that it can tap into the crew's brainwaves and influence them is building up to something.
I think it also answers the question of Rush talking to both Franklin and his wife, they must be elements of the ship given a for he can relate to, taken from his subconscious.

Was it just me, or did anyone else think 'Kobayashi Maru' when we found out that the ship was running unwinnable scenarios in Young's brain?

David Blue, who plays Eli, said recently on Twitter that this episode "... is just the beginning. Consider the insanity begun. ;)" Apparently, this episode, and next weeks have some things they've been hinting at since the start of the season. The intrigue continues!


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Dec 30, 2000
I think it also answers the question of Rush talking to both Franklin and his wife, they must be elements of the ship given a for he can relate to, taken from his subconscious.

I didn't think of that, but definitely would explain that maybe it was some kind of interaction of Destiny with Rush. Is that the case that make more interesting the conversations, specially Franklin because his interactions were very interesting. I really enjoy the questions he throw back at Rush, so thinking the theory that it was Destiny make it more interesting.

Love it, Ferrara(Young) acting in this one is just great. I totally enjoy everything, a surprise because usually I don't like Groundhound days types of episodes. But this one was really cool and after the previous episode a relief. Definitely is interesting to see that Destiny have more control over them that they think, looking forward to where this will go. Also, wonder what Destiny verdict would have been is Rush hasn't stop the test. Definitely a great episode.


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Aug 21, 2007
I do still believe that Destiny is controlled by an advance A.I, and we haven't seen nothing yet, not even half of the ship, and neither has the crew. Even though Dr. Rush did cancel the operation at the end, he wasn't the one who started it. But one thing is sure, we cannot be thinking that this ancient ship is presenting organic technology as there hasn't been anything to suggest that sort of thing.

What I find really interesting is that the Milkyway is teaming with all sorts of space-fearing aliens, but the other galaxies are bit empty. If the ship did probe colonel Young's mind then why it couldn't implant any other sort of ship models there? Was it intentional?

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