First Law : UK vs US editions?

Brian R

Oct 23, 2010
I was wondering if anyone here would know the difference between the UK and US editions of the First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. The site I wish to order from has both versions of each book, and the only difference I can easily see is that the UK editions have a higher page count.

I dont know if this is because the lettering is larger, or perhaps the US editions are a bigger dimension and can fit more words per page. Can anyone help me out?
The US ones have bigger dimensions. They're almost the size of a hardcover. The UK ones are thicker though.
I ended up ordering the UK editions, as I am not too fond of the larger US dimensions and They were also a few pennies less.
Stepping around Gihe's profound post, I read the original 3 in ebook format but for some reason the site I bought them from doesn't have the others. I would imagine that if the publishers took the time to make a US edition that some words would be changed for American English spelling (color, realize, etc.)
To put on my pedantic hat: I've read that the use of Z rather than S in words like realize and civilisation is just an English alternative, rather than an American one. The fact that the Yanks consistently use Z has led people to assume the S is the proper, English way.

Or so I read.
That's interesting. I grew up reading British literature and my teachers would always mark British spelling wrong. Is it acceptable to use what I think of as American spelling in the UK?
Yes and no.

(I'm not at school/university, by the way, so my info may be outdated).

The S and Z thing would probably be fine. Removing Us would not (color, honor etc).

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