Human colony on a distant planet, language used to define skills/roles.


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Sep 28, 2010
Please help. :)

Read the book in the 80's, have been trying to find it for ages and it's driving me bonkers.

The plot as I (vaguely) remember it: spaceship crash lands on a distant planet possibly whilst en route to somewhere, the unwitting 'colonists' have been bred for specific purposes (technical skills etc), the psichologist (I think) on board isn't sure they would survive if the techs were allowed to breed with the thinkers, so she devise a language that will separate the social classes and make communication across them rather akward.

Of course the hero of the book wants to experiment, and he ends up with a wife of the tech class chosen for him by the 'elders', because nobody from his own social class wants anything to do with him.

They also breed and harvest fire flowers, which behave more like aniimals than plants.

I have tried every possible combination, but my Google-fu has failed me miserably.:(

All and any help very much appreciated.............:)