Brandon Sanderson - impressed!

Pedro Del Mar

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Mar 18, 2010
Darwen Tower
Hi all,

Thought I'd just drop you all a note as I've just finished reading part 1 of Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy: The Final Empire.

Have to say it wasn't what I expected but it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't put it down last night and had to finish it - even though it meant I was still reading past 1am and had to be up early this morning. It's been a while since I've been as glued to the end of a novel as this. So thank you to Sanderson for such a gripping read and thank you to all on here who recommeded the series to me.

Can't wait to begin the second part tonight!

I have to agree, I read this a while back, just after it was announced that he would be finishing THE WHEEL OF TIME, and wanted to see what he was like. I was blown away, could hardly put the book down and suddenly could not wait to see what he was going to do when he began to finish Jordan's epic.

Crooksy, I'm sure you'll love the second part, The Well of Ascension too. I did not think it was quite as good as the first, but it was excellent, and the ending is absolutely magnificent.

Due to my erratic way of choosing books, and the sudden speed decrease in my reading I've not got around to the third one yet, but it's one in the too read pile I'm seriously looking forward to.

(And let's put it this way, I loved 'em so much I tracked them all down in hardback from the US!)
oooh, excellent, I've just added it to my wishlist - but not available over here until the end of December - after Christmas in fact. Sigh, there goes a great idea for a present
I was impressed with the Mistborn series as well.

Bought it because of his work on the WOT.

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