Torchwood fans??


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Sep 20, 2010
Hello everyone!
i love torchwood!
clem is my favourite...any UK fans..?
I've heard hes going to be in Huddersfield somewhere???
Does anyone know anything about this!!!
Hello and Welcome. Can't help you with the Torchwood thing, I'm afraid, but have you had a look around the site to see what else we can offer you? Here's a ready guide which might be of interest:

Meanwhile, what else do you like apart from the T-word? Do you read SFF at all? What authors? Do you write, draw, play music? There's something here for everyone, so pull up a chair and get settled in.
Oh dear, Boneman such a confession *mumbles something into has jacket that just might have been well I might have sort of liked QL a long time ago*

And welcome ILT, I'm afraid I'm not much of a fan, I did watch the first season but then sort of lost interest. Not sure it's the programme's fault entirely as I lost interest in almost all TV about the same time :D
What did you like about Torchwood?

Only my personal feeling is that it didn't really know what it wanted to be and it couldn't match American shows/films like X-files/ Men in Black/ Dark Skies/ Threshold. Being a Doctor Who spin-off for adults, it seemed like someone thought to be 'adult' required it to have a constant diet of sex.

I think the general feeling here was that barring one or two reasonably good episodes Torchwood was fairly naff, but that we had to try to support it because there wasn't much other British SF on TV (and British SF does seem to be more quirky.)

That was until the mini-series. I think everyone agreed that the mini-series was what Torchwood should have been like all along, and if anyone else, like Vertigo, stopped watching Torchwood, then they really ought to try and see that before they dismiss it.
I was a fan of Torchwood from the beginning, though I did get tired of all the sex, which most of the time only served to distract from the stories. I didn't mind when it was integral to the plot.

But I do agree with Dave that the mini-series was the best season of all. So intense. And it was so good and it put up such numbers, I don't understand why they stopped at that particular point, when it seemed like they had really, and finally, hit their stride.
I saw a couple of episodes, brought over by a friend's wife who wasn't interested in it herself, but thought it was "my kind of thing".

As these had no continuity, and I was totally ignorant of the characters, the environment, the ongoing plots and relationships, I found them a bit confusing, to say the least.

But welcome in anyway, even if this is your only point of contact with the improbability which is Chrons. Even if reading is not your thing, there are others who will attempt to widen your horizon on the audio-visual screen, and, as you have noticed, no few who can converse on your obsess- ahem, speciality.

The site does seem to attract focused personalities.
No comment on Torchwood but as this is the welcome thread, well, welcome!
Welcome to Chrons, ILT - There's a Torchwood thread here somewhere, hopefully you've already found it. I hope you enjoy everything here :)
Don't know if anyones interested now after reading your replies! haha!
but if anyone is i found out what it is!!!

ohhh and i can't post links :-s but just search The Last Cuckoo and its at the Lawrence Batley Theatre!! :)
I was a fan of Torchwood from the beginning, though I did get tired of all the sex, which most of the time only served to distract from the stories. I didn't mind when it was integral to the plot.
I agree. Captain Jack was far too randy.

I think Torchwood may be underrated... it got better and became quite hard-hitting. The stigma of it being a spin-off was a difficult one to shake.
Miracle day was the first time I've seen Torchwood since the appalling first spin-off series and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the Espenson episodes, for the most part, and the premise. The last episode disappointed and left me feeling that the questions the serial raised were far more exciting and interesting than the answers we got. Ah, well, such is life :D

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