teleporters,time travelling,fortress unassailable coz its shifted out of time

Brin ak haru

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Sep 11, 2010
Greetings i've just regeistered & have been looking for this book for yonks. there are at least 2 books. one of the covers has a man in a nylonish blue jump suit with a futuristc pistol in his hand. The 1st book starts with a great war coming to an end. the main character starts to develope mental abilities as well as being able to time travel (accidentally at first) i can't remember so much about book 1 but it lines things up nicely for book 2. book 2 has the son or decendant from book 1. he becomes extremely powerful in time travelling and being able to push/put things just out of phaze with time itself. he does this with his fortess or eirie, it is a blck fortress high on a vaste mountain or unassailable height(s) after building it (it has no doors or windows,no way to enter it) he shifts it out of time therefore macking it invunarable to deterioration, attack, or ageing. He has powerful enemies and not many friends. i think i remeber that he feels there's not too many people he can trust. Humans or humanoids have been mentally evolving into people with these abilities to a lesser or greater extent. i read the book in the late 80's or early 90's. it was a battered paper back i bought from the 2nd hand book seller in tooting broadway market and he left that spot mamny a year ago.
HEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEE!!!! You guys have amazing knowledge, no one else can help me and believe me i've been searching for years.

most gratful for any help you guys can give