The hobbit stereotypes


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Sep 1, 2010
Hi. I was writing a theme for the Hobbit and my theme was : Don't Be fooled by common stereotypes. I had to provide 3 examples. I have already provided 2- about hobbits and bilbo, and about how everyone thought smaug could never be killed and was imperishable. can anyone find a 3rd stereotype in the book that was proven wrong? thanks :D
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that's a tough one. The only thing I could think of would be the Wood elves in Murkwood. Elves were supposed to be happy, friendly, and sing a lot, those elves captured the dwarves, held them prisoner, and even joined with the men of laketown to declare war on the dwarves who flushed Smaug out. its been a while since I read the book unfortunately. I'm guessing your breaking of stereotype concerning hobbits was that Bilbo broke the hobbit stereotype of polite disinterest in adventure and interacting with the outside world, and :eek: surviving without comforts? (second breakfast, handkerchiefs, hat for any travelling etc...)
I haven't come across anything before Tolkien where goblins are as far away from mischievious fairies as they are in Tolkien. Instead of tricksy little creatures they became imposing warriors, and most fantasy books now depict them that way - I could be wrong but think Tolkien started this.

There's also Beorn who we might compare to a werewolf; shapeshifters are expected to be hiding a wild and evil animal malice but Beorn only uses his for good purposes.

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