Sneak preview of Joe Abercrombie's "The Heroes"

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Feb 9, 2010
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Well hello there. How are you doing? All well? Some weather we're having, huh? A tad too hot for my taste, though. So what else has been going on? Job okay? Moving onwards and upwards? Straddling the pink-slip line? Well, take care, then. Please give my regards to the family.

Oh, by the way, the Gollancz Blog has a little excerpt from the first chapter of Abercrombie's next novel, The Heroes. Like Best Served Cold, it is a stand-alone set in the same world as -- and featuring some familiar characters from -- The First Law. It's due out early next year, and I'm going to go out on a limb and predict it'll rock. Judging by the preview, I'm quite right.

Click here to be tantalised.

Corporal Tunny looks like he'll be a fun POV. I love the little introduction given of him by Forest.

Anyone else looking forward to this?
sounds fun. hope it doesn't spoiler Best Served Cold though - not yet had time to read that.

(nearly typed Best Serbed Cold - different book completely, i think....)
I haven't read Sorbet Best Cold yet either.

Given that all five books (including The First Law trilogy) are set in the same universe, I'll read them in the order of writing/publication and let the author sort out what he wants us to know and when. (He proved very adept at this during The First Law - one of the major pleasures of the trilogy - so I believe I'm in safe hands.)
Count me in too elvet. I really enjoyed the First Law trilogy and Best Serverd Cold. While waiting for GRRM to produce Dance with Dragons I have been lucky enough to discover several great authors. Joe Abercrombie, Brent Weeks, Fiona McIntosh, Robert Redick, Michael J. Sullivan, David Durham, and Patrick Rothfuss to name a few. That blurb from "The Heroes" looks really good to me.
I didn't click on the link just in case! I shall certainly be getting my copy of our Joe's new book!

Each of his previous books have been fantastic :)
I've enjoyed everything he has written thus far so I'm definitely looking forward to this.
Joe Abercrombie has a website (Joe Abercrombie |) with a contact page (Joe Abercrombie | Contact Information), which starts with this:
To get in touch with Joe for any reason that does not involve slagging off his work, trying to get him to read yours, or selling him something:

Joe [at] joeabercrombie [dot] com

(For some reason, he doesn't seem to want to receive spam.)
Thanks Nj1 but I meant The Heroes. I've had a response from Joe and he's hoping to be doing a signing in Manchester in January
More goodness! Abercrombie has an extract from The Heroes available on his website. An awesome battle scene with rotating point-of-views, full of his typical fast-paced action and dark humour. And, of course, let's not forget the blood. Even in such limited snippets, Abercrombie does a terrific job of giving each character their own voice.

Go here and lick your screen:
Joe Abercrombie | The Heroes Extract

P.S. There is an ultra-brief cameo from a certain someone from The First Law and Best Served Cold. Spot it? Brought an ugly smile to my gorgeous face.
It's good innit? Someone said to me that fights are usually over in a very short time, and Abercrombie has really cleverly turned that on its head, by the POV switch, which works very well. Battles go on for hours sometimes, and this has brought the whole battlefield on to the pages. I was almost disappointed when it ended...

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