Terence Strong


Oct 11, 2007
Johannesburg, SA
Anyone read this guy before? He writes like Chris Ryan and Andy McNab but apparently better researched and lots of action and good stories. I haven't read him yet but my friend recommends him.
What does he write about ? Let me know if he is any good.

Im a fan of thriller,action books so im trying Ryan,McNab.

Specially looking for SAS books and looking to get away from american books.
Terence Strongs books are about SAS operatives but I don't think he served in the military like McNab and Ryan. My friend says he is well researched and is most of the time on par with Ryan/McNab and sometimes better. I picked up Stalking Horse and Wheels on Fire.
Who do you think is the best book/series about SAS operatives ? I would like to read stories about those guys.

Only read comic book series,seen film about them. Better reasearch,action in novel form.
My friend says McNab and Ryan are on par and Strong is highly recommended as well. I say go for those 3 and see how it goes. The reviews on amazon are better for Ryan and Strong than McNab.
Amazon reviews is the last thing i trust, i will have to look the synopsis and try which book sound good.

Heh funny enough i just finished Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth. It was a spook story about MI5,MI6,KGB and who got called in the end to do an urban assualt: SAS. Forsyth wrote some cool pages about the whole history,how they work.
I could not get into that book it really grated me and was bored from page 1.

It was slow from the start and i was thinking it would be a weak effort but it ended up being very good.

After Day of the Jackal he is a fav writer so i could give him 50-100 pages to get going.
Grisham is crap to me i dont like low quality stuff like that people only read because he is in NYT bestseller list.

I dont know Jeffrey Archer not even what kind of books he write. Big fan of crime,thrillers but there are many out there.
I started a Grisham book, The Chamber and so far it's quite good. Very intriguing, I can see he is an NYT bestseller but most of his books I think are also international bestsellers that's why they made movies out of some of his books.
I prefer bestsellers with more substance, i dont like Grisham type. Of course he is entertaining like Dan Brown is with fast paced plots.
huh? Dan Brown entertaining? hmmm......books Conn in for a special recovery session...;)

I avoid him like he is touched by plague myself ;)

But there are many people looking for what they call brain candy,just looking for plots and not writing itself.

Myself i enjoy thrillers by Forsyth,Le Carre,Fleming because they are quality writers too and not just for their plot,because they are bestseller.
Agreed on those latter writers. Glad you are enjoying this form of fiction Conn.

My reading evolved in few years, when i first read Le Carre i thought he was too slow,mundane but after reading uber slow quality literary writers classics or fantasy ones i was patient enough to enjoy his work.

Him and Forsyth made me a big fan of political thrillers,spy books.