I hope you do get to read the rest of the series, and I hope you're not disappointed with aDWD after waiting all this time. For me waiting a few years is nothing but for someone in your condition you never know. I'm really sorry for you, and I hope you live for a long time and get to do all the things you want to (that's actually possible:p)
I know someone who the doctors said had 10 years left and gave a list of all the things he wouldn't be able to do again, such as go to the gym. But he goes 5 times a week and he told me that so long as you believe that you can then why shouldn't you? He's now in his 4-5th year and is doing really well.
And also, Doctor Who is great :D
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There are two Thanksgiving celebrations in North America. The first in time, and best well known, is the American Thanksgiving set on the fourth Thursday of November (quite late for a celebration of harvest, in my view, but there you are), which commemorates the first Thanksgiving Feast held by the Pilgrims (off the not-so-good ship Mayflower) at Plymouth with the Aboriginal Americans (if only those poor sods had known what was in store for their people in the coming years...), after a year of disease, starvation and tribulation. Abraham Lincoln declared the fourth Thursday in November a national holiday in 1863, though more likely as a nation-building exercise than as a commemoration of the Plymouth Colony. Here is a link to Wikipedia:

Thanksgiving (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In my country (Canada), Thanksgiving is always on the second Monday in October, and it is a secular "Feast Day", done to commemorate traditional harvest festivals (it is surrounded by county/country fairs across the nation), and as a day of thanks. We eat a lot, eat more, and then more. Usually Turkey is involved, because it feeds a lot of people, but one can do any meal they want. Here is the Canadian wiki for Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving (Canada) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Football (of the North American variety) is a mainstay of the holidays in both countries, with the NFL in the USA and the CFL in Canada having specially scheduled games on their respective Thanksgivings.
^^ Thanks.. I'm from the UK and am totally oblivious to these things -.- I used to think Thanksgiving was like Christmas(all I knew was that it was around that time and they had turkey) until I went to Germany and a friend asked me about it, I was so confused!
I read the series last year, and already, I had forgotten most of the storylines and how to spell the characters' names accurately. I have poor memories... sigh.

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