Aurora in the US!!

Jun 8, 2010
Hi everyone! I just finished reading Zenith, and wow! What a fantastic book! :D. I purchased Exodus at a bookstore in London while on vacation, and was already done with it when it was time to go home. I ordered Zenith as soon as I got back to the States. I was poking around in the forums, and was mad that US publishers had previously said American teens weren't ready for Exodus. It's books like Exodus and Zenith that are exactly what we need! I'm so glad they changed their minds. But reading further posts got me worried... will Aurora be delayed coming out in the US??? If so, I will just have to fly back to the UK to get it. I can't wait to see what happens!! :)


Noosrunner pro
Jul 9, 2007
Mail order! Don't fly across the Atlantic for a book about climate change. Hehe.

Your right though, these books need to be in every book shop in the world.

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