2 species?


Chuckle Churner
Jul 18, 2007
I'm not sure if this has been covered, but are there two seperate species of Alien?

There are the Aliens that pop out of people's chests, the classic 8 foot black evil, acidic blood aliens, but there are also the face huggers that lay eggs inside the host.
Now you might suggest that the Face huggers are just one stage of the Alien life cycle, but they lay eggs, they also hatch from eggs that (I'm guessing) are laid by the Queen.
So here we have a Queen that lays eggs, the eggs hatch into a sub-species call Face huggers, the face huggers then lay eggs in the host and the host then is consumed by the Alien (male) that hatch a cause havoc.

I'm wondering if this kind of dual species life cycle is repeated anywhere on earth, are there any species that have two egg laying stages of life, and are very different physically?

To be honest I was thinking about the jkune 75 word story thread and this transformation interested me :)
There's some form of Jellyfish that lays eggs that hatch into transparent worm-like things. They swim somewhere (Possibly up a river, possibly not, can't remember) and die. The jellyfish in immature form then emerge.

Sorry, wish I knew more. Saw it on a documentary years ago. Perhaps someone else knows more.
Not aware of any earthly counterparts. But I'm reminded of a story I read in my youth in which space travelers encountered a type of vicious animals called otterillas (I wouldn't make up something like that). They were so fast and ferocious that they threatened to wipe out a group of colonists. But then it was discovered that another type of animal, resembling an armadillo, could not only withstand attacks from the otterillas, but were able to kill them. Turned out that the armadillos gave birth to the otterillas and their role had somehow evolved into that of a population monitor.

I thought this might have been a Daniel Galouye story, but Google failed me in a search.