PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Rules and Guidelines for Posting in the Critiques Forum

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Feb 4, 2005
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Welcome to the SFF Chronicles Critiques Forum. This is a place to post excerpts from your writing for comment and critique by other members of the forums.

PLEASE POST CAREFULLY! Your ability to edit your post will expire shortly after posting. SFF Chronicles is under no obligation to remove material once posted, and expects all members to be responsible with what they post. Moderators will remove threads only under the most extreme circumstances, so once posted your excerpt will be available for public viewing in perpetuity.

PLEASE NOTE: The critiques board is meant for unpublished work only. It is not open to the posting of already-published work, either in excerpt or in its entirety.

If you do not want your work critiqued, do not post it here.

The rules for posting excerpts are as follows:


1) Members are not allowed to start a new thread in the Critiques sub-forum until they have reached a post count of 30. More information can be found here: IMPORTANT: You must have 30 posts to ask for a critique. While we do welcome your stories, we believe that the experience of your first critique will be a more productive and enjoyable one if you first acclimatise yourself to the forums and grow acquainted with the people here by visiting a few other threads and participating. Please note that members who have not reached the threshold and attempt to circumvent the rules by posting excerpts in existing threads will find their posts removed and will face disciplinary action.

2) Please do not post long excerpts - between eight hundred (800) and twelve hundred (1200) words is best, and posts over fifteen hundred (1500) words in length will be closed. The longer the excerpt, the less likely it is that people will take the time to read and comment on your work. It's also best not to post long excerpts or full short stories if you are considering submitting them for publication in the future. Most publishers will look unfavourably upon work that has already appeared in substantial part or in total on the Internet. If you are keen to have a longer piece critiqued, devide it into smaller excerpts and post them individually, allowing sufficient time inbetween for critiquers to read and comment on your piece - a few days at least is best.

3) Please remember when posting excerpts here that SFF Chronicles is a family-friendly site. That means we cannot allow excerpts that contain gratuitous sexual or violent imagery. If you are unsure whether or not something crosses the line, please PM a moderator with your excerpt before posting.

4) Before posting your excerpt, please make sure it is as free of spelling and grammatical error as you can possibly make it. While members are more than willing to correct these errors, an excerpt that is riddled with simple errors gives the impression that the poster couldn’t be bothered doing that basic checking themselves, and will turn some critiquers away.


PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with these formatting guidelines will result in your thread being locked.

5) Use a suitably sized font that is easy to read – we recommend the forum standard black Verdana size 4.

6) Ensure that your paragraphs are adequately spaced. Because indents at the beginnings of paragraphs do not exist here, there should be a minimum of one clear line between every paragraph. Pay particular attention to dialogue in this regard.

7) Ensure there is a noticeable break between your introduction and the excerpt itself. A title highlighted in bold or a series of asterisks, for example, make it clear where the excerpt begins.

8) Expect that some of your formatting may disappear when you transfer the story from your file to this forum, and be prepared to go over it carefully before you hit submit, so that you can fix the font and add the missing line breaks and spaces as necessary. The 'Preview' function in the advanced reply interface will assist you with this.


9) While you are free to request that potential critiquers address those areas that are of particular concern to you - style, pace, technical issues, etc. - be prepared to receive criticism in other areas as well. Fresh eyes may pick up on problems you yourself may have missed through familiarity, and may also reflect on the issues you wish to see addressed.

10) Expect critiques to be critical. We are all here because we want to improve our writing. Part of that process is hearing what doesn’t work in our writing as well as what does work. Be respectful of critiquer's suggestions, even when you do not agree with them. Threads devolving into arguments between writer and critic will be closed, and further disciplinary action may be taken against the participating members as warranted.

11) If you post an item for critique, please take the time to return the favour. Reciprocity is a good thing. It keeps the community going.


12) If you are critiquing another member’s excerpt, make sure your criticism is constructive and presented in a respectful way. Derogatory, spiteful or personal comments will not be tolerated, and will result in moderator intervention.


13) While no one here will argue that writing isn't a serious business, remember that in the end it's about the pleasure we derive from the process, and the pleasure we hope others take from it. Conduct yourself in a friendly, honest, and open manner, abide by the rules laid out above, and embrace the community spirit of these forums as a whole, and you won't run into any problems here.
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