SG-U: 1.16 - Sabotage


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May 16, 2008
Have you ever wondered why they are not using space-suits to access other parts of the ship?
They have been. A few of the episodes have had scenes with people in space suits repairing stuff in damaged corridors. There just hasn't been an episode where that has become the main part of the story.


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May 31, 2001
I guess they're mostly conserving power. During the star-system parabolic orbit, they specifically said they were expanding the footprint, i.e. rooms/area. They didn't explicitly say they were looking for more interesting features. Perhaps they have a reasonable floorplan, with labels, within the computer. Saying that, since the location of the observation dome/shuttles implies the gate-room is somewhere at the base of the big tail-fin, I'm fairly sure they've not been too far forward towards the nose of the ship. And you'd think there's a proper "bridge" at 'the pointy end' somewhere... and there's strong implication they've not got direct access to the engine room (internally, at least).

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