To Julie Betagna

Dear Julie, hi from room 3 (years 4,5,and 6) in Te rerenga, New Zealand... We soooo loved your exodus and zenith and are soooo excited about upcoming aurora we dont want to interrupt the writing of it, but would love to have an estimate on when we can expect it, we would also love to share with you the work we have been inspired to do because of your books, we have also read soundtrack and the spark gap....thank you sooo much
Re: To Julie Bertagna

Hi Julie I am a 10 year old girl and I have read Exodus twice and my awesome teacher Debby{who can spell so, she was just too excited about your new book}has read it to the class sooo I have read it 3 times!I have read zenith once and I am reading it again now.I have read Soundtrack and The sparkgap.Oh and my best friends Caitlyn and Bonnie say hi they are also great fans of yours!Would you be able to....send us a sneak peak of Aurora?Pretty Pretty please with 20 cherries on top!!!!
Yours hopefully Ra
P.S you have a wicked sense of humour!!
P.P.S Kind of like my brother who put me under the hose {forcefully}
and gave me an unwanted shower.
May 25, 2007
I am soooooooooooooooooo happy that you all liked my books. :D That means a lot to me, thank you.

Nice to hear from all you nice people in New Zealand (where I was supposed to have been born in but my mum changed her mind at the last minute!) Does the New Zealand scenery help you imagine Mara's island? I've heard it's quite similar to Scottish islands and I would love to visit one day - and see where I might have been born.

AURORA will be out next January. Sorry for the wait (it is written) but there's nothing I can do to hurry it along. It just takes that amount of time for publishers to publish it. :eek:

I will post tasters (teasers?) of Aurora on my blog and I will put a link here but that will be in the autumn, so do keep dropping in here. Meanwhile, I might post something, maybe a short section or riddle from the book to whet your appetite. Let me have a think.....


PS - I had a brother like that! He once made me a worm sandwich.
Hi Julie! I am an 11yr old girl called Caitlyn! I am one of Ra's friends, I loved your books, Debby read them to us in class. Reading is one of my hobbies, I have 3 bookcases in my room! I want to be a writer too one day:rolleyes:. You have inspired me so much!

P.S I am looking forward to reading Aurora so much!:D:):):D
Hi Julie just a quick note to say thank you sooooo much for talking to Ra, the class was fair jumping as she read out your message. We talked a lot about scottish scenery being like NZ and if you ever visit NZ you can stay in our village!! We mean it!! Thanks again there are 25 really happy children heading home on a bus talking about it......
May 25, 2007
It was my pleasure to reply to such enthusiastic messages. :) What a kind invitation - if I ever do get to visit New Zealand I will look you up!

It is strange that we are at opposite ends of the Earth yet so many people say Scotland and New Zealand have similar landscapes. But I think you have better weather... :p

Take care - and I promise I will put up a taster of Aurora in the autumn, especially for you. :D


Re: To Julie Bertagna

Hi Julie We have a Wiki space for our school and we would be so happy :Dif you saw it,its called ???? on it we have pictures of us and some of our writing with code names I'm Blue penguin and Caitlyn is Lily Sapphire.After we read your books we all looked into global warming and we even wrote a story about some one during Global warming!
Talk later!!!:p
Yours faithfully Ra
P.S I finished Zenith last night under the covers with a torch!!!:p
P.P.S 2 of my friends moved away but they say hi!!!!:)
I am sorry we haven't sent 15 messages so we can't send our wiki space!!!:mad:
Hi Julie!
You are right, Scotland and NZ have very similar scenary, I have been there and it was awesome! I went on a trip there with my mum and grandparents. I went to the loch-ness lake, I loved it there. Do you live near the loch-ness lake? And do you have many pets? I have lots, as we live on an acre of land. I have 5 cats, 2 puppys, and 8 chickens. My favorite pet is Solo, an English grey tabby kitten, and he often goes away by himself, hence his name.
caitlyn ( ;
May 25, 2007
Hello! Sorry to take ages to reply, Caitlyn. I didn't see this, I've been really busy.

My parents weren't teachers - but I was once. I wrote my first book when I was a teacher.

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