Sci-fi, probably based on Earth, scientist vs totalitarian government.


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Apr 15, 2010
This is probably based on a future Earth.

As I recall, the government controls everything and has under its watch a renegade scientist who is feared to be creating a new technology which could lead to a diminishing of its powers.

The scientist is killed by the government, but, unbeknowst to them, the technology is implanted in the scientist's as yet unborn child.

The kid grows up and is invited to some sort of city for scientists where I think he finally discovers what his father has done.

He uses this new tech, based around communication, to continually broadcast the government's leader onto a wall in every building, preventing the him from authorising or ordering the opression / death of citizens etc.

Some sort of nose based transmitter is featured, I think.

Eventually the leader is killed by his "jester".

Any ideas?
In the books "The City and the Stars" and "Against the Fall of Night" (by Arthur C Clark) there is a city preserved by 'eternity circuits.' All of the citizens are more or less immortal. One of the citizens is known as the 'jester,' who does things to liven up an otherwise boring eternal existence.
There was at least 1 sequel decades later (can't think of it at the moment), but it could have a king and a jester...
--Paul E Musselman