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Anyone still watching Heroes?

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
Staff member
Nov 23, 2002
Loved the first season, despite the weak ending - but ever since then the whole series has seemed to lack direction and focus, and pushes the bounds of belief too far.

Just can't be bothered to keep up with any more, because it feels like it's being continued for the sake of it - flogging a dead horse.

If only they had finished season 1 properly (given meaning to "Save the cheerleader and killed Sila) instead of trying to drag everything out into a series of empty comic-book stories.

Am I the only one who has grown tired of it, though?

Harry Kilmer

Well-Known Member
Oct 10, 2009
I stuck with it upto this latest series. They keep seeming to carry it on for another series after the last series was a natural end. Too many characters turning out to have powers, and too many changes in the characters lives.


Well-Known Member
Sep 15, 2007
UK, Yorkshire
No. I watched the first series, and agree the ending was weak. Series 2 clashed with House (back when it was on terrestrial TV...) so I stopped watching Heroes. Gave series 3 a go but found it dull.

Edit: my 600th post :)

Do I get a commemorative prize?

Disturbed Dee

Out of My Mind BRB
Mar 23, 2010
*raises hand* Guilty, still watching it, this series is better than the last two, thought still not a good as the first one.


Seeker of wisdom
Dec 16, 2004
Planet Earth
Watched the first, missed the second, watched the third, missed the current one (didn't know it was on until a few episodes had already been shown, and not really that bothered)


Science fiction fantasy
Apr 13, 2010
yes i have watched heroes episodes regularly.In heroes Kristen bell is my favorite celeb.


Coffee Junkie
Jan 8, 2011
I live an uneventful life. Is that a good thing or
Yep, still watching. Although I wasn't able to complete series 3. It never really bothered me that they kept stretching the series for so long. I like Heroes because it's seems so futile. There's no definite win. I don't know how many times they've saved the world already. It's kinda fun to watch how many end-of-the-world scenarios can be made without anyone actually winning.

Plus, I like the variations of powers they've revealed.


May 15, 2011
I watched heroes when the first season was on, then I got out of it. I got back into it half way through the fourth season and I'd been meaning to catch up, but didn't have time until recently.
I don't know if any of you are still watching it, or still thinking about it even, but I have mixed feelings. I think the first nine episodes of season one (from when it starts up to the homecoming episode where peter saves claire) are exceptional. None of the following episodes in any seasons were quite as impressive. I didn't care much for season 2 (which was written during the writers strike... was it just me, or did the characters all seem a little out of character?) but season 3 and 4 were interesting, entertaining, and intense. I watched all of season three in a week-I couldn't stop!


Currently working in the Big Bang Burger Bar
Mar 8, 2010
I watched all episodes in all seasons and I liked the first season where all of the main characters discovered their powers and started interacting with each other. Season 2 was building up nicely but I thought it dragged its heels a bit - probably because they were struggling for ideas. It then had to be diverted laterally because of the writers strike which lead to the ending in the secure vault and the lethal virus.
Season 3 started up much better as though the rest had done the writers some good and there was more enthusiasm with the plot development but season 4 dropped back down to a new low and it sort of fizzled out unceremoniously. It didn't help that the BBC put each episode on at a different time each week, I think they even put some episodes on different days as well and also sometimes skipping a week when other sports programs needed the timeslot. So the continuity was disjointed as well as the plot. I didn't like the way the characters changed personality either.


Chuckle Churner
Jul 18, 2007
I too was very disappointed with season 4, I think it has been cancelled and that will be the last season, but it was a real let down.

I liked season 2, there were some very good bits to it, and season 3 had a great arc that sort of ended badly, I'm annoyed that they kept making the stronger charcater weak again, some kind of effort to stop them being unstoppable. I did really like Silar's tale, and it would be cool to see more, but the end of season 4 sort of changed it all and ruined a lot of the best bits of the whole thing. IMHO


Well-Known Member
Jul 9, 2011
Expert; giant catcher; queller of uprisings;
I really enjoyed the first series, thoug the ending was a tad limp, but I'm finding a lot of series, post X Files, simply must have a character equivalent to CSM. You know, the master manipulator, offering the secrets but actually sending you two steps back? The problem with this show for me, was the constant switching of sides between the manipulators (and there were a darn sight too many of them as well). Also, the Claire/HRG story arc was the most annoying thing ever:

c: I hate you; we're done. I'm leaving.
hrg: But Claire, I love you, I'd never do anything to hurt you.
c: don't believe you, I'm out of this fascist popsicle stand!
(enter Sylar/Lindermann/Haitian/any Petrelli at various times, twirling moustache. HRG gets them out of scrape)
c: I love you, Daddy!
hrg: I love you too, Claire. (winks at Sylar/Lindermann/Haitian/any Petrelli at various times, twirling moustache, standing at back of shot)

Alex Mason

Jul 25, 2011
I felt that each 'volume' of Heroes was just a little bit worst than the last.

Volume 1: Great Tale and telling of it with lots of twist and turns and a servicable ending.
Volume 2: Also a great story in the making but then a rushed ending. Volume 3: Villians was cool concept but overall caused a lot of lame things to happen to the characters.
Volume 4: Felt like a poorly done rip-off of the X-Men story arc and the the fact the the characters seemed pretty much helpless to the events around them didn't make things better.
Volume 5: Started off with a promising new villian but then got real lame real fast

Frankly, I was sick of the characters going back and forth and back and forth between good and bad.


Well-Known Member
Apr 5, 2010
I stopped at season 1 back in 07, but now I'm catching up, and its a great show.

Currently at volume 4.