Fantasy novel where female lead can "push" minds


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Jan 29, 2010
Hope this hazy plot summary rings some bells out there!

I read this book in 2006 or 2007. It has a female lead character who has the ability to influence peoples' minds. I think the ability was called "pushing" but I'm a bit hazy. The only fantasy / sci-fi element is the lead character's ability to "push" minds.

It is set in the present day in a regular American coastal town. The lead character is new to the town and is reluctant to use her ability and only uses it when necessary, and then only discretely. I can't remember her job, maybe gallery owner / museum curator / artist / cafe owner? She has an on/off relationship with a local hunk. The final showdown with the bad guy is on a car ferry.

It was enjoyable and a passable enough holiday read but kind of trashy. Sorry this is all a bit vague, hoping someone out there can let me know the title and author. Think the author was female.

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