Looking for a particular older sci-fi book

Mike Nash

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Nov 16, 2009
Title and author unknown, sorry.

I suspect it's from a major author.

Perhaps written in the '80s or earlier

Set in a remote American location, perhaps a valley - certainly an isolated area.

A young woman with supernatural powers - perhaps specifically to control the forces of nature - ends up in this valley.

If memory serves she is working as a schoolteacher. She may have come there after several attempts to integrate into other societies. Perhaps she has to guard constantly against doing minor supernatural stuff - do I remember her levitating to write at the top of a blackboard?

There is an incident where her schoolchildren (perhaps on a trip away somewhere?) are threatened (perhaps by some naturaly calamity, a forest fire or a tornado, maybe?) and this young woman invokes whatever forces she draws on to protect the kids - maybe there's an anaolgy of gathering them under her cloak or some such?

She invokes major powers to protect the kids, and, instead of being run out of town as a witch - or similar fates which have befallen her previously - finds that she's in a small community where such abilities are common and is, eventually "Home".

I'm sure it's a well-known one.

Blimey, that's a memory teaser... I'm pretty sure clovis-man is right, but did part of the story appear as a short story? I can remember in one of the compendiums of short stories a teacher writing on a blackboard, as an essay subject: "I remember home." or something very like it, and all the kids being very shocked... then one writes about them being surrounded by 'bad' men who set afire to the surrounding brush and tell them to escape. Then shoot them as they levitate out. The kids have been told never to speak of their abilities.

BUT: I never realised until today that there was a whole book! So, thanks, both, it's on my christmas list...:D
Id bet its Henderson. I recall that specific story. It can be found in a few books, and the latest is NESFA's Zenna Henderson collection.

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