Book Series, Fantasy/Horror poss '80s


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Nov 10, 2009
I'm trying to locate the author and name of a series of books I read back in the early 80's, possibly late 70's, could have been published oroginally in the 70's but I remember seeing them for sale in WHSmiths in the 80's.
There were about 13 books (could have got to 14) in the series which could be classed as Fantasy and at a little push Horror. I never got to read the last one in the series :-(
Each book represented a search for a magical/mythical object, not necessarily a well known historical artifact and that was reflected in the name of each book.
The author's name may well have been a pseudonym of someone better known for writing in another genre.
The stories centered around a guy who gets caught up in a search for the series of objects which have some sort of magical/mystical "power"(?), one of which was possibly a viking sword, but he's in a race to get their first each time with a evil (as per usual) group who wants to get them first for their own ends.
Celtic spirals featured regularly as clues, one of the later books in the series has him get to a labyrinth.
I think he's single as his family has been murdered at the start of or prior to book one. As the series develops he starts to aquire knowledge of some of the powers of these objects and uses them against the bad guys in his search.
I'd be grateful to anyone who can tell me the name of the author and/or name of one or more of the books. They're most likely out of print but just knowing the author/name of the books might help me turn them up in book shops or a car boot.
Not a ton of detail here but enough for me to answer this one. I’ve read this series and it all fits. This is Robert Holdstock’s Night Hunter book series from the 1980s.

They are six books and they are written under the pen name Robert Faulcon. It is about a man whose family is killed by a cult. He chases after the cult, acquiring magic (and mythic) objects while learning sorcery and gaining powers. The books are set in the UK and lean heavily into Celtic mythology. Very pulpy, horror/fantasy revenge stuff. Oh and the sixth book is called Labyrinth and involves one.

From the first book: “He had been a quiet family man—devoted to his wife and children, happy in his home, happy in his work. It took just thirty minutes of shattering, obscene violence to transform him into a remorseless, avenging hunter of evil—a savage practitioner and enemy of the occult...

Somewhere—somewhere beyond the normal and the good—they had his family. And Dan Brady had to find them. Against him was all the evil of the supernatural—powers he neither knew nor understood. Powers he himself would have to learn to use if he were to track down his family in the satanic, preternatural night.”



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