SG-U: 1.07 - Earth


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
I don't know what to say, but I like my other half felt absolutely furious over the Earth command structure trying to do their usual thing or more like American thing by getting yet another weapon and forgetting the people.

Why oh why they aren't listening to what Dr. Rush is saying, and think that they know better then the people in the ship in first place? In the other hand I think it's clever writing that makes us to root toward Dr. Rush.

Chloe (senator's daughter) getting absolutely wasted and getting weepy in the car was hilarious. I for one thought for once that Eli was getting shacked, but of course I should have remembered that he's a geek and he'll therefore lose his virginity when he hits thirty five.


Chuckle Churner
Jul 18, 2007
This episode was interesting, it kind of shows the US airforce/governments philosophy of being seen to do something. It felt at times that they were more interested in being seen to attempt a rescue, saving face, than actually bringing the people home safely.

Although, Dr Rush put restrictions in place, and was quite smug that he was right. They don't know that it wouldn't have worked, although Rush says he saved them, I think they are right to assume that Rush is reluctant to return to Earth so soon.

I thought the stones Idea was well done, we've seen them before as a plot device but this time they used them well, and the moment when the colonel was having sex and the drop out of FTL caused them to switch was very disturbing. But then at the end we see the other army leader (forgotten his name, Lou Diamond Phillips) going round to see the guy's wife/ex-wife. I think it's going to lead into another affair between the colonel and the medic, whilst LDP has it off with his Earth bound wife.

Eli spying on Rush is going to be interesting, and I thought the whole thing with them being other people was good. Senators daughter realising she is vacuous. how enlightening :)

Another good episode in my eyes, I hope they continue to be this good.


Certified Space Monkey
Jun 26, 2002
Seems to be getting better each episode, it managed to be interesting, funny and disturbing.

I think this episode showed how personal differences between characters have an effect on the decisions being made. Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) feels he has a better handle on the situation than Young, despite being half a universe away from what's going on. If allowed, it showed that he would permanently take control of the mission, although it seems he's found something better in Young's wife! It could be a case of subterfuge to start with, as she may not realise that Young isn't there, since he was really just using Telford's body as a vessel for his consciousness. Should make for an interesting look at the slightly warped ethics of that kind of situation.

Once again we see Rush being smug about his intellectual superiority, although I'd guessed that the emergency was all a big light show engineered by Rush. He's in no hurry to leave the ship and most people can see this. I wonder how long before more start to suspect that Rush is following his own agenda at the expense of helping everyone get back to Earth - I reckon that is why Young wanted Eli to watch Rush, to get a measure of his selfishness as well as to make sure he doesn't sabotage any way of getting home.

I did briefly feel a bit sorry for Eli, I know exactly what it is like to often be the 'good friend' and nothing more, but such is the lot of geeks. So close, yet so far!