Unseen Academicals

I didn't get UA the first time, so I am attempting to re-read it now. It starts off OK.:D
I really am not into football, but I felt I must make the effort & read it again.
No complaints here about UA. it doesn't matter (or occur) to me that (or if) Pratchett doesn't get football, because I don't get football.

My favourite characters and storylines are always to do whith the Watch, but I think my favourite view of these characters are when they are seen from someone elses eyes. Examples include: the first time Moist meets Angua (as a werewolf) and his description of her, When Trevor is interrogated by the watch (and again, srgt angua) in UA, when Moist is interrogated by Vimes in the truth, but my favourite instance of this occuring is in Monstrous Regiment. It was one of the first TP books I read, and didn't really know who Sam Vimes was, so his introduction to that book was meaningless to me But after reading (and re-reading and re-readin) 5th elephant, Thud, Guards Guards, Jingo and the rest of them, I read Monstrous Regiment again and when Polly is describing Sam Vimes, I felt all giddy inside and was very proud of our Sam.

I know I got way off topic, but to bring it all back, what appealed to me about UA was that we got new characters who gave us new insight on some of our (or my) favourite characters from other books.

Also, every book in which Vetinary is prominantly featured can do no wrong IMO