Edgar Allan Poe to be Given a Proper Funeral


Where matter vanishes...
Feb 20, 2008
In keeping with his life, works and legacy, this re-enactment seems appropriately macabre. Not what I'd want if it were me, but it would seem to fit Poe well.....
It's nice to see a fitting (if macabre) tribute being paid to Poe, even if so late... but I would still have strong reservations about Griswold being represented. His nonsense (most of what people "know" about Poe's life actually comes from his distorted and often flatly fabricated accounts) taints the writer's image to ths day.

However, there is something I'm curious about... have they ever finally resolved whether or not that was actually Poe in the grave? I know there has been some controversy on that score, but have no idea whether or not it was ever settled....
Bit of a coincidence, I just started reading Poe's "Premature Burial" this afternoon, about people being buried when they're not actually dead.

I wonder if anyone checked..
Well, yes; he was checked by doctors, and was left encoffined for long enough for any vital signs to have shown. However, there were various things which pointed to a confusion of graves later on, so that that which is cited as Poe's is not (but may be the grave of a Civil War soldier, iirc)... but it has remained an open question, to the best of my knowledge....

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